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You may even catch the hint of a sea breeze wafting through the ravine, as the park is positioned towards the coast in the south-east region of the island.With a coastline over 1000 kilometres long, your Crete villas are unlikely to be to far from the beach.There are several palaces from the Minoan period that you can visit during your holiday here such as Knossos, which was the capital of Minoan Crete (being home to the largest of the island's palaces), as well as the palaces of Malia and Zakros.Crete is also believed to be the setting of some of the most significant aspects of Greek mythology, such as being the birthplace of Zeus and the location of the Minotaur's maze.Because of his left-wing political beliefs, he was exiled in Makronisos Island after the end of World War IIHe started his career, as a director, at the age of 28, on 1954, with the film "Maghiki ...Pyretos stin asfalto In his childhood he used to climb to the lighthouse of the nowadays ghost-town of Koprena, where he was raised, and daydream he was in a ship, sailing for distant places. As things turned out, he became one of the two or three greatest film makers of ...

The Mediterranean climate here makes the summers ideal for sunbathers, whilst the winters remain mild and sunny, with snow only reaching the tops of the mountains here. Going as far back as the second millenium BC, there are plenty of archaeological sites well worth seeing during your stay in Crete apartments.Regardless of which beach on the island of Crete you go for in the end, there is sure to be an exciting and vibrant nightlife for you to experience after your day relaxing by the sea.If you'd rather avoid the tourist areas altogether, then one of the smaller Ionian Islands such as Paxos may be a better choice of holiday destination for you.After graduating high school, he moved to Athens to join the Medical School and later the Military Academy but after a while he quit. Ekato hiliades lires Alekos Livaditis was born in 1914 in Athens, Greece.He was an actor and director, known for Ekato hiliades lires (1948), Stratiotes dihos stoli (1960) and I foni tis kardias (1943). Alloimono stous neous Alekos Sakellarios was born on November 7, 1913 in Athens, Greece.

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