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Over fifty Iron Age sites have been found in the Sussex Downs including a small number of farmsteads supporting a view of mixed farming with ploughed crop cultivation, animal husbandry (cattle and sheep), and fishing including harvesting marine shellfish.

Human occupation of Sussex continued through the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age.The Norman Conquest of England began with William landing his forces in Pevensey, Sussex and the Battle of Hastings took place in the county.Under the Normans and Angevins, Sussex was an important trade and military connection to their possessions in Normandy.The collection is available in five different silhouettes – the Amberley, Small Amberley Satchel, Mini Amberley Satchel.Echoing the colours of the autumn-winter collection, the range is offered in a vibrant palette of colours including Rust, Castle Blue and Dark Amethyst, as well as the core shades of Oak, Oxblood, Clay and Black.

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