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In the beginning, the Original Being created four .

From his mouth came the Brahmins, who would be the priests, teachers, and intellectuals.

Most manual scavenging is done by women, because they marry into it and have no choice.

Men in the manual scavenger class often hide their profession from prospective brides until it’s too late, and they can then escape their foul work in alcohol, because they have a wife to do it for them. I look at them and try to see the dirt on them and in them, but I can’t.

According to those—definitely incomplete—statistics, thirteen Dalits were murdered per week and three Dalit women were raped every day.

Police statistics from the last five years, gathered by the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, tell a similar tale of brutality.“Look at what they have to drink.” The beaker presents a quandary. Privately employed scavengers usually get paid 5 rupees (about ten cents) per month, per house.I consider pathogens and fecal-oral contamination pathways, but also that they’ll expect me to refuse to take a drink from an untouchable, because many Indians would. Municipal day wages are 30 rupees (less than a dollar) a day, but scavengers are often unpaid for months on end. When I ask Hansa to show me where she works, she refuses. “My owners would skin me alive.” She is deadly serious, and deadliness is something she has to consider.This literally means “sweeper” but is generally translated into English as “manual scavenger,” a term popularized by India’s British rulers, who did nothing to eradicate the practice and much to keep it going.This scavenging has none of the usefulness of its usual meaning.

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