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Spain took what gold it could and the Indians died out.In 1679, the French took the western part of the island and called it Saint Dominigue.The church in New England appears to have been aware of the disruption that Quakers and Ranters had caused in England, and prepared to repel them if they arrived."The Theocracy, that is, God's government, is to be established as the best form of government.Between 16, about 20,000 Puritans came to New England.1631 The first "General Court" of the Massachusetts Bay Colony established.1619 30.7.1619 Virginia established the first legislative assembly in America. On 6.9.1620, the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, England, with 102 men and women from a calvinist separatist community seeking a place in the new world to practice their religion.The "Pilgrims" landed on 6.9.1620 and founded Plymouth Colony in what became Massachusetts, the first New England colony. Puritans, from the Church of England, founded a colony at Massachusetts Bay in In 1628, about sixty Puritans under John Endicott migrated to Salem in what is now Massachusetts.

Peter Minuit and other Dutch settlers settled an island which they bought from the local Indians for 60 gilders worth of goods.

Made up of the governor and freemen, it had full legal authority.

The franchise was limited to regenerate church members, and the church was supported by public taxes.

The Spanish colonised the island and called it Hispaniola.

It was the first place occupied by Europeans in the Americas.

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