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In another variation the Filipino lady may ask the victim to send money so she can hire a private room in an internet café. In the final variation of this scam the Filipino lady may explain that she is a student and is moonlighting as a webcam girl at an adult chat site.

The Filipino lady sends the user a link to an adult chat site and states that the service is free and a credit card is only needed for age verification.

Also, make it clear that you will never send any money to anyone you meet online.

If the person is genuine they should be very happy that you will travel to meet them, if they are a scammer and sense that they will never receive any money you will probably find that they disappear as soon as they realize they will never receive any financial benefit from communicating with you.

Only when all passengers are off the plane and the scammer doesn't show up do they realize that they've been scammed.

In order to avoid these scams never send money for any travel related expense, instead make it clear that you will travel to meet them AFTER you have spent considerable time chatting to them for many months.

Shortly later they will tell you they need additional money for a passport, visa fees, transportation to the airport and miscellaneous expenses.

Typically this will be followed by a request for another small amount of money shortly after the victim sends their initial amount.Some scammers will show fake copies of plane tickets, visas or other documents to make the travel plans appear to be authentic.After wiring the money the victim waits at the airport patiently with a bunch of flowers for his/her love of their life to arrive.Several weeks later the victim looks at their credit card statement and sees billing for adult chat services.In this scam the scammer asks you to send money for fees for college, university or other educational activities.

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