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I wouldn't even know where that line is, where they're considering what's a computer or not." This is the state of technology and the law when it comes to registered sex offenders - ignorance, confusion, misinformation and conflicting court decisions.Every state has its own set of laws about which offenders need to be monitored or banned from using the internet and to what extent. if you establish a new email address, computer log-in or screen name or identity, instant-message identity or electronic chat room identity." Parole and probation officers inconsistently hand out and enforce such restrictions, and the laws differ for those on parole, probation, community supervision and the registries.He knew the risks of providing outdated or false internet aliases, but thought that this was preferable to leading the police to real information they could misconstrue and use against him.Trevor's paranoia stems from his recent experience with law enforcement.Pushing and intimidating offenders off the internet makes it harder for them to find jobs, obtain social support, read the news and function in contemporary society.Other software, such as Impulse Control, monitors computers in real time while collecting massive amounts of information for later review - taking screenshots as quickly as once every second and allowing law enforcement officers to watch every keystroke, Google search, instant message and email live from their desks.So now Trevor is thinking about his Furby and whether his probation officer thinks it will pose a risk to society."When it says no computers, I'm just like, well, where's the line there? There's a computer inside essentially everything that's electronic at this point.

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He is also barred from owning or using i Pads, Apple computers, smartphones, site-based email and gaming systems, such as Xbox and Play Station.KBSolutions, for example, provides consultation and surveillance software to parole and probation departments across the country, advising on how to best limit the computer use of sex offenders.Because sex offenders cannot be entirely banished from the internet, the company developed software that helps untrained officers quickly review all images and videos on an offender's computer and search for sexual phrases and keywords in URL histories, chat logs and emails, with the goal of catching the offender in any behavior that points to re-offense.He was introduced to the maze upon parole: He wasn't supposed to use a computer or the internet, but his parole officer didn't initially inform him of these constraints.Ironically, he found out his parole conditions online.

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