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There are the standardized anime episodes such the festival, the school play, and the beach episodes.

None of them adds anything unique to the template, it is just a repetition from what we have traditionally seen.

[Written by MAL Rewrite] Is it possible to like something that is completely unoriginal? When Nisekoi was slated for an anime production by studio Shaft, the fans of the manga were torn between elation that it was actually being adapted and complete terror that Shaft would be doing it. The Shaft visuals are capable of turning a few heads, but they’re never overpowering as they are in many of their other shows, and the story and setting have an inexplicable charm to them despite the fact that literally every character and literally every situation has been done before.

If you’re not aware with the common stereotypes of anime studios, a frank description of Shaft would be, “They do whatever they want.” Shaft has never been shy of putting their own... Story: 6/10 The story of Nisekoi is not one of its strong points.

Regardless, I didn't really find myself liking any of them. So why would I give this an acceptable score of 7/10? Enjoyment: 9/10 All of my complaining might actually convince someone that I dislike this anime because of how generic it is.

Clari S didn't really try to make their tracks stand out from any of their others, and some harsher critics might say that none of theirs are ever original-sounding. On the contrary; I find all of the enjoyment in reveling in just how cliché nearly every moment is.

I don't think anybody but the most diehard fans would even bother offering any sort of rebuttal here.

It plays on almost every cliché in the book, from the childhood promise, to the fated encounter, to the downright absurd misunderstandings, even to the freaking beach episode, that I can’t help but think that this is all some elaborate parody of the harem genre.

All you need is a little charm, solid execution, and, of course, waifus. It is a delightment to be able to write a review for Nisekoi, though the anime was not perfect, it has provided me with significant entertainment during the last few months.

Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, is the sole heir to an intimidating yakuza family.

Ten years ago, Raku made a promise to his childhood friend.

Even when the chance for legit development appeared, the event was squandered by a random, indescribable, improbable set of circumstances.

An example would be a girl sitting next to her crush, with her gathering up all the courage to tell her crush that she wants to kiss him...actually does say it!!

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