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SHRM’s Bylaws Our Bylaws are the Society’s Operating Manual.

Perhaps, Oliver should reflect on his own words without resisting evidence-based criticism.

The standards outlined in our new Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management, together with integrated ethics program components, are designed to provide guidance and support in your daily work.

Introduction to Code of Ethics More than 285,000 SHRM members around the globe look to the Society for their vision and their values.

Our Bylaws (Section 3) state that, "The purposes of the Society shall be to promote the use of sound and ethical human resource management practices in the profession…to be the voice of the profession on human resource management issues …to facilitate the development and guide the direction of the human resource profession …and to establish, monitor and update standards for the profession." Our original Code of Ethics was first developed in 1972 and was last modified in 1989 to reflect our name change from the American Society for Personnel Administration to our current name.

To fulfill this responsibility, SHRM is committed to conducting all operations in accordance with the SHRM code of ethics.

Now he says, “I left my view on the outcome ambiguous on purpose”; in my previous response (26 October), I explained that Oliver did clearly demonstrate a theme of-- good outcomes--over four paragraphs in relation to his question “power”; there was no ambiguity.

There is no "us and them" as being a jobbing geriatrician in district general hospitals often on understaffed wards battling broken community services is as real a lived experience of the service as anyone else's.

I work in acute geriatric medicine and acute internal medicine, with year round responsibilities for my own ward and a busy medical take and have taken on a whole load of medical management and service development roles in two trusts I have been a consultant in.

Similarly, I assume, he is not averse to fine-tooth comb analysis of his words.

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