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Model on right: DVF top and skirt, Dannijo earrings, APM Monaco rings, Eddie Borgo bag. "For your online dating profile picture, make sure you spend some extra time on your hair," Tufvesson said.

"Curl, blowout, or flatiron it, but make sure your hair is down and flatters the shape of your face.

"The 'I woke up like this' look is always more appealing." The products to use: "Get bobby pins that match your hair colour, and like Greta said, I would recommend the Oribe Styling Cream — it smells amazing! Editor's note: we think it's OK to be playful with your barrettes. Pinks and nudes for lips and cheeks will make your look younger, and black mascara is always a crowd pleaser. For straight hair done easily — even if you’re coming from work — I love Babyliss Titanium in 1.5 inch. "If they’re not done, tell your date you’ll be a little late." "All men are obsessed with nails [Editor's note: as women, we're obsessed, too! And if you’re letting them go on the third date, he’s out the door," she said.

Try a simple style in a chic texture, like these velvet ones (). Make sure your brows are in place by applying some clear gel on them." Basically, this is your chance to show off your no-makeup makeup skills. Well, if that’s your jam, it’s probably time to show your date that side of you, too." The same ideas apply to makeup. "Nars makes my favourite highlighter () — it is so light on the skin and makes me look like J Lo without even trying." The tip: Get a manicure. "Seriously girls — I’d rather you had nasty green on your nails than nothing at all.

He sounded fantastic on paper (tall, dark, and handsome with an MBA), but our texting chats were kind of . If what you're doing now isn't working for you, then you may just need their tough love.

The second my man walked into the crowded wine bar, I thought, "He's really cute! To help make sense of exactly how to do your beauty look for online dating profile pictures, the first date, and the third date, I consulted with Greta Tufvesson and Nikki Lewis.

VIOLET GREY began with our search for the best eyelash curler.

To find the answer, we formed a band of inside-Hollywood experts and editors — from makeup artists to movie stars — to test every eyelash curler against our rigorous set of standards (the VIOLET CODE).

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd Product Credit: Model on left: G Star jacket, Vince shirt, H&M pants.

"Down is always better for first impressions, but keep it out of your face with some strands pulled back into a pin or a half up." But keep it easy breezy — no need for a fancy black-tie affair style here. "Your date doesn’t necessarily need to like everything you do pertaining to your hair regimen, but at this point, it is important to be true to the both of you," she said. I know, for me my 'true' self, hair isn’t done up or curled. "If you’re coming from work, spritz your hair with some dry shampoo.

"You don’t want to look like you have spent too much time on your hair when you meet your date in person," she added. Keep it subtle with a foundation stick to cover any red or dark spots, and finish it with translucent powder. Ouai Dry Shampoo does a great job of masking the oils and smell.

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