Dating websites for teens 13-15 free dating site source code

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Parents who worried about their children sending “sexts” should be even more vigilant now the communication channels for such messages are open to complete strangers.

Worryingly, the single safeguard in place to stop children being contacted by paedophiles is that the app only allows teens aged 13 - 17 to be viewed by users in the same age bracket.

“The worst part for me is the techno aspect of dating for kids now – not forming face to face relationships- sexting – the whole shebang.

It makes me scared for teenagers today”, says one mother.

I get your argument and its a good one but try to not be sexist next time its not just some men that go after girls theres been women that do it too […] of this process not being a full proof safety measure.Yet on Tinder underage teens don’t need to lie about their age – children as young as 13 can get the app.Like a modern day “hot or not”, users swipe “yes” or “no, and you can arrange to hook-up with your “matches” - the people who find you mutually attractive.One writer, Lisa Schmidt, 42, writing for Global Dating Insights, wrote an interesting piece on how easily her selfie passed the application process as she posed as […] I really don’t see the problem with spotafriend.It is up to the parents to talk to their kids about this so they know the risks of talking to strangers online.

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