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That last bit is eerily reminiscent of those “Dating with HIV” campaigns in the early days of AIDS.

Our culture today gives more attention to managing the negative consequences of unnatural behavior than we do to encouraging people to avoid the actions that led to the negative consequences in the first place.

From the above we can conclude that making poor choices with one’s food appetite has dire consequences. Note: I am not talking about overeating per se; it is the unnatural diet itself that is seen as the main problem.

The decision to go against nature in one’s food choices is the crucial error. Overeating is but one negative symptom of a deeper-rooted issue.

This is a mindset that is corrosive to the health and well-being of all Americans and it has been brought about in a substantial way by the logic that accepts and promotes homosexuality.

Self-improvement is the hallmark of a healthy society. Creosote from the Monty Python film “The Meaning of Life” (1983).

I don’t know that I would have done anything open source had I not found the perfect series of projects that led me there.To start off, there are people who say they are born with a genetic predisposition to diabetes but that is being rejected as a main cause by the burgeoning natural health movement in this country today: The incidence of diabetes has skyrocketed in the past couple of decades, but it takes centuries for genetic drift to occur in a population.This means that the increase of diabetes in Americans is not due to changes in the genes.We have seen the fruits of a sexuality based around unnatural practices: psychosis, disease and early death.This is an argument one is not allowed to make in our culture today.

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