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It was cut down in 2015 after it became a hazard to traffic.William Bodine was a grandson of Jean Bodine, but that the record of his birth has not been found.FREE ENTRY Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme In this book will be collected pictures that as a whole will express the theme of absence.“Absence” as a physical and / or mental perception of a lack, or as a necessary condition for the creation of space, rhythm, etc.He was granted a large tract of land in Montgomery, outside the village of Walden, and his homestead was built in 1769 and occupied by several generations of his descendants, the last about 1908.1841 Episcopal church designed by Robert Walter Weir in memory of his children.Louis Comfort Tiffany stained-glass window depicting creation donated in memory of J. Well-preserved Gothic Revival home of local businessman from mid-19th century; built when that style was very new.

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Wooden 1765 inn entertained Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr during local land dispute, in addition to George Washington during Revolution; 1841 store is rare surviving Greek Revival commercial building in area.Info: 20 categories divided for professional and amateur level of expertise.Select your best work, submit your photos and have a chance to win over ,000 in awards.It requires signing of a contract to participate in an exhibition during Review Santa Fe.Prospectus The Project Launch is granted to an outstanding photographer working on a fine art series or documentary project.

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