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Yago can’t believe Leo Cerdo was hiding out at BV and he figures Hissadora surely has a reason to have hightailed it out of there.He figures Leo Cerdo either followed her because they’re in cahoots or he means to do her harm. If it turns out to be cancer, she’ll fight it and he’ll be there with her.Daniel wanders in through an open door and says he’s here to speak to Yago. Mariano also explains to Daniel that Illeana brought them up to speed that Hissadora had been drugging Pops and even got the gotas for them as proof. Hissadora wins and Dionicio promises to provide her with enough money to find a hiding place while he arranges for a false passport so she can leave the country.

” Dionicio demands to know what things she could be referring to, “You’re the one who suffocated Padre Baldomero with a pillow.

If Hissadora is caught perhaps she can be the impetus to trapping Dionicio. Yago has found the invoices for both trucks, just in case Juarez may need them. He asks to see Cayetano but Yago tells him he’s asleep.

Pablo and Juarez arrive at BV and share their thoughts on what may have happened: Leo Cerdo was hiding out at BV. Juarez thinks it’s necessary to tell him what Hissadora has done and also suggests they take him to the hospital for detox.

You involved Agustina in the retirement fund scheme and you’re the anonymous owner of Un Mejor Futuro and all in order to get LMQ! She continues to try and convince this all works in his favor.

” Dionicio is furious and reminds her he did these things because they both wanted LMQ, not just him, “but your lovely son betrayed us and that’s when it occurred to you to marry Cayetano and then do away with him in order to get Buena Ventura.” She explains it was the only way to deal with the penalties brought on by the tourist development. If he only delivers La Malquerida, he won’t have any problems. If he doesn’t, she will tell everything – absolutely everything! He gets a call informing him the trucks have been found but no sighting of either Hissadora or Leo Cerdo.

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