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I just wanted to say thank you and God bless you, you are truly a “good Samaritan.”I was walking in the Hometown Cemetery one late afternoon and a car stopped at the entrance as I was walking by. Not recognizing this person, I was hesitant to go over to the car. The man asked me if I lost a pair of black gloves and car keys.

I reached into my coat pocket, and sure enough, no gloves, no car keys.

These so called have never even spoken to me about Wes and have never even met him. Life is so short, I think if you mess part of it up, you need the opportunity to make the remaining bit worthwhile.

On Valentine’s Day Wes sent me a card, inside it simply said ‘Thank you for believing’.

I then spoke to my sister- in-law who’s a probation officer.

Both in our 40’s, he wasn’t my usual type but there was something about him. I did some research, read things online, looked at the Unlock website and forums.

After all how on earth do you tell someone (new and that you’re developing feelings for)? In the time I’ve known him he has only ever been hardworking, caring, kind, loving, supportive and generous.

Over the past seven months he has met many of my immediate family and some of my friends. I have lost a couple friends because of my decision to carry on seeing him. I’ve learnt so much about myself too during all of this, I don’t judge people so quickly anymore, and people need another chance.

They once had Phyllis Diller and Rip Taylor on together for a week.Now a revival of Tattletales would have no problem showing same sex couples...a cable revival that is.......sure if a broadcast revival would get clearance with those couple possibilities? Richard was married to and divorced the late actress Diana Dors.Richard Dawson frequently appeared with whoever he was dating at the time... It was never expressly stated that the celebrity couples had to be married, or even dating. In the early 80s, they had a "Best Friends" week on TT with all guys.I'm not sure if Rip is a "friend of Dorothy" but I wouldn't be surprised.A life isn't worth living unless it has impact on other lives.

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