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As with all major media outlets, though, it has been accused of political bias from across the political spectrum, both within the UK and abroad.

Wishing to avoid competition, newspaper publishers persuaded the government to ban the BBC from broadcasting news before 7 PM, and to force it to use wire service copy instead of reporting on its own.

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a rummage through the past seven days on the internet and social media to unearth fragments of fan creativity, news and gossip concerning a certain runaway Gallifreyan and his chums.

And we begin this week with fans who have alighted upon the app Mug Life as a […] David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) is set to star in the upcoming thriller Bad Samaritan, and the first trailer just dropped today (February 6), courtesy of

Tennant takes […] Yeah, you read that headline right.Last week (January 30), Dame Helen Mirren picked up a mic and rapped, even admitting she’d “love” to record a “rap Shakespeare album,” saying it’d be “fabulous.” Okay, so some of this might be a bit tongue in cheek.It all started a week ago, when Dame Helen was a guest […] “The Snowmen” has a tough job to do, to make festive fun out of a heartbroken Doctor who has given up.[…] Ever think there are some roles an actor was born to play? Los Angeles-born Leonardo Di Caprio reportedly got his unusual name after his pregnant mom felt him kick while looking at a painting by Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy — so it’s particularly apt that he might play the great […] We love us some Helen Mirren, and we’ll be getting a dose of the Dame on the big screen this week, with her new and utterly haunting film, Winchester, premiering on Friday, February 2.of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) responsible for the gathering and broadcasting of news and current affairs.

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