After updating display adapter computer shutsdown

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Watch the reported CPU speed and try running some more processor-intensive applications to see whether the increase in processor speed coincides with the crash.

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If you monitor the clock speed of your processor with a utility like CPUID's TMonitor, available here:, you may find that the computer shuts down once the CPU reaches a certain speed.Because of this, read on the methods below to find the culprit of the issue and solve it without going to a PC store and spending money unnecessarily.Watching videos will put a little extra stress on your video card, and if the drivers aren’t updated, that can crash your entire system. One of them is to download the drivers for your GPU from Intel, n Vidia or AMD, depending on which video card you have, the other one is to let Windows update them via device manager, or you can always run Windows Update which updates any outdated drivers automatically.If your motherboard ships with some, then use that, otherwise you can try HWMonitor, also from CPUID.Your power supply should be delivering 3.3-, 5- and 12V inputs to your motherboard, but these can fall outside acceptable ranges if the PSU is under-powered or has developed a fault.

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