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Knock the tone back and it really could be an SG, it's that thick.

The rich soprano Tele neck pickup has always been a thing of beauty to these ears (and Jimmy Page's), and the 'warm twang' middle setting is pure bliss, too.

Recording, too, can flatten things out once you've been through mixing and mastering, so we can't stress enough how important it is to plug this guitar in, turn it up, and feel the difference for yourself.

And, yes, we mean 'feel' as much as we mean 'hear'.

It's got a big U neck, too, a shape that Fender has gone to great lengths to recreate, along with all the other classic profiles on offer across the range.

It makes for a remarkable handful and, again, some of us like that while some of us really don't.

The right Tele usually ends up being a lifer, in our experience.

The various eras produced recognisably different Tele tones - some darker, some twangier.

For instance, try bending the third string at the 2nd fret for your archetypal Muddy Waters or Hendrix blues lick; you might find the string slipping from under your fingers due to the low wires.

Just as with the Strats, if you use a lot of string bending in your playing, you will need to have that action higher than you would on a flatter 'board. Overall, it's hard to criticise this Tele from a build quality or authenticity standpoint.

Some of the inherent simplicity and rudimentary nature of the build and component choices are exactly what makes it vintage-correct.

This is partly down to wood choices, but the pickups also changed, in their magnet types, wire gauge and so on.

Even the bridge saddles can have a significant effect on the sound of the guitar.

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